Monday, February 27, 2012

Heading Home

For those who know me, I don’t like making tough decisions. 
I had to make an extremely difficult one recently that has left me feeling both tremendously excited and sad all in the same breath. I have accepted a writing job at St. Lawrence University, my alma mater, as a member of the University communications staff and am thrilled for the opportunities that come with the position and that I’ll be working with some of my favorite people in the North Country! This was the office that was, by far, my favorite place to be when I was an undergraduate at SLU. I learned so much and had wonderful mentors - these people will now be my colleagues.
With that said, I am saddened to be leaving many of my other favorites at SUNY Canton.The growth I experienced while working here, both professionally and personally, has been incredible. I am privileged to have worked at SUNY Canton among such amazing people (and am glad I will be able to visit, meet up and stay in touch). Thank you for a wonderful last two years!

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